Can I come in your store? We don't have a store. We do not have any products in stock. Every thing we do is custom made to specific order
Can you cut my glass to a smaller size? All our product are custom made.
Can I get a quote for the pool fence? The price really depends on many things like glass type and thickness, the hardware types and installation. Please provide us with all information via email including the approxumate sizes, picture of the place where you need to install or drawing and we will calculate the price for you shortly.
What kinds of shower doors can you offer? We can offer you sliding and swing opening glass shower door.
What information do you need to provide the client with the price for Shower Door? Thickness, type of shower door, type of glass, dimensions, whether the client needs the delivery and installation.
What is the difference between clear and starphire glass? Clear glass has greenish tint, starphire glass is ultra clear glass without greenish tint.
What kind of hinges do you usually use for the shower door installation? Geneva hinges
In what ways can you install the mirror? On mastic, using hardware and within the frame.
Can I buy two shelves from your store today? Actually, all our products are custom made. You may order and we can make it for you. The lead time will be about 5 business days.
What is the difference between the tempered and clear glass? Clear glass and starphire glass can be tempered and annealed. Tempering is the process that makes the glass 7-10 stronger and if it brakes, it crashes into many little pieces, that makes it safe. Clear glass is the regular glass with slight greenish tint.
Where you located? We have different locations please let us know what are you interesting in and we will provide you with the price.
What information do you need to send the estimate/invoice to the client? Name, surname, address, e- mail address, phone number.