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Questions and Answers

Q1: How to order a glass shelve?

There’s two ways to do that:
Use our customers form to select size, shape, amount and other properties of the shelve you need as well as your contact information and our managers will contact you with quote within 1 business day.
Call/text us by phone number placed in top right corner of this page and receive your quote over the phone.

Q2: Can I purchase shelves from your stock?

All the products we make are custom made. That provides us with unique possibility to bring to you unique mirror of any size and shape you need. That’s why we don’t keep the glass and mirrors in stock.

Q3: I’m bit unsure if my measurements are precise...

Our qualified specialists will lend you a hand with that. They would provide precise measurements, consult you on options and give a correct price based on measurements.
Note: This service is not included into glass price and should be paid additionally.
Otherwise you can ask any of your friends, hire a specialist on your own or try to make measurements again as much careful as possible. And after that send us results.

Q4: What shapes of shelves you can provide?

Almost any flat shape that human fantasy can image. But still you should understand, that glass is very fragile material. Work with it require to be careful as much as possible.

Q5: Do you make local deliveries and installations?

Yes, we do.

Q6: What is the approximate lead time of the glass shelves?

Depends on type of glass and shape. Glass shelves usually would be ready within 5-10 business days, from the moment we’ll receive deposit payment.

+1(646) 820-7599
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