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Interior French Doors Are the Perfect Fit for Any Home

Though most people consider French doors the type of door that leads outside, interior French doors are a lovely design element that looks great when used any number of ways. French doors come in a variety of styles, but there is a basic structure to all of them. They are made of glass panes that extend from the floor to the ceiling, and the panes are symmetrical and evenly spaced, usually eight panels to a door. Within this basic structure, however, you can have a number of variations.

At The Sliding Door Company, we offer a wide selection of glass types and trim finishes from which to choose, so whether your home is modern or traditional, you are sure to find interior French doors to fit. Traditionalists may choose clear glass panes with white or walnut trim. For added privacy, they might select frosted glass. Those who prefer a modern style might pick laminated, linen frosted, smoked frosted, smoked clear, or even black panes of glass. To compliment this, they might choose black, charcoal, white, or silver frames.


Why go for interior French doors at all? Because they are made of glass, they let ample light in and out of the room, making the room look bigger. Increased natural light can also lift your mood and lower your energy bills, since you are not constantly lighting your home with artificial light. Plus, when you buy sliding interior French doors, they are space efficient and take up less room. Finally, they add a touch of style and sophistication, whether it is old-fashioned or completely modern. Browse the extensive selection of interior French doors on our website, and just image what they could do for your home.

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