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1. We are National =
Order online and get the goods delivery to any destination
2. We are also Local =
We offer in-store pickup and installation in Brooklyn,Manhattan,Queens,Staten Island and Long Island New York area.
3. State of The Art Fabrication Facilities =
Your glass and mirrors are cut to your exact specifications with a fast turnaround time
4. Dedicated Customer Support =
Customer questions are handled with immediacy and care, via our 1-800 number and email
5. Multiple Showrooms =
Get an inside look at your glass and mirror options at our showrooms in Brooklyn New York.
6. Installation Services =
Our experts can make the process easy by installing your glass and mirrors at your home
7. Forty Years of Quality =
You can trust that Custom cut Glass and Mirror is here to stay and that your investment is safe
8. Our Revolutionary Online Store =
Whatever your requirements, ordering custom glass and mirrors is simple
9. Indusrty Leading Warranties =
Your glass and mirrors are guaranteed to arrive intact and include a multi-year warranty
10. Connect with us =
Stay tuned on new offerings from Custom cut Glass and Mirrors (and find special discounts) by following our Facebook page
+1(646) 820-7599
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